【MUST SEE】Guide to Buying Adult Toys FOR Ladies

【MUST SEE】Guide to Buying Adult Toys FOR Ladies

In modern society, with the awakening of women’s consciousness in recent decades and the rise of the feminist & equal rights movement, women’s understanding of “sex” has become clearer. In fact, nearly 90% of women cannot achieve orgasm through traditional sexual intercourse. This point is more widely recognized by the public.


Therefore, as a part of sexual life, adult toys have entered more and more people's vision, which provides more possibilities for women to obtain sexual satisfaction.


Today GG mainly wants to talk about the confusion that every girl may encounter when choosing a suitable adult toy for the first time. In fact, the core is that you need to consider your own situation and needs clearly. Below is a buying guide compiled by GG on how to correctly choose adult toys for women:



Before choosing an adult toy, the first priority is to understand your body, needs and desires.
This involves one point. I hope that every woman must understand her "sexual preference", which includes preferred stimulation methods, sensitive areas and sexual desire level.
If you can clearly understand this, it will be very helpful for you to successfully choose the type of adult toys that suits you!
*GG would like to add that with the increase in the types of toys on the market, many toys can now be used with a partner, so before purchasing, be sure to consider whether you need to use it with a partner!

Research different types

There are a wide variety of adult toys on the market today, including but not limited to sucking types, vibrating types, massagers, simulation types, special sex toys, etc.


Before purchasing, have a certain understanding of the different types of toys to determine which type best meets your needs.


If you feel that the product description is vague, it is also a good idea to check product reviews, consult professionals or the customer service of the online store.



Materials and safety

Make sure you choose adult toys that are made from body-safe materials, such as medical-grade silicone, latex, or plastics that are free of harmful chemicals. Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients such as phthalates and phthalates.


Also ensure that the product is easy to clean and disinfect to maintain hygiene. (For this point, please check 《A Care Guide for Adult Toys》in 【 MUST SEE】)



Size and shape

Size and shape are also factors that must be considered when choosing adult toys. Different sizes of products work for different people, so make sure you choose a product that meets your body's needs.


If you are buying for the first time, choose some smaller or medium-sized toys to suit your experience.



Vibration intensity and pattern

If you are choosing a vibrating adult toy, pay attention to the vibration intensity and pattern. Some products have multiple vibration modes to suit different preferences, while others may only have a single vibration intensity. Make sure you choose a product that provides the stimulation you need.



Waterproof performance

If you intend to use an adult toy in the bathroom or in the water, make sure the product you choose is waterproof. This will increase the versatility of the toy while also making cleaning easier.



Price and quality

While price is not the only consideration, it is something to be aware of. High-quality adult toys usually have longer service life, better performance and safer materials. Don’t just look at the price, but also focus on the quality and performance of the product.


Privacy and Purchase Channels

When purchasing adult toys, make sure to choose trustworthy channels to protect personal privacy. Many professional adult product stores (such as Ginddewz) provide confidential shipping to ensure privacy.




All in all, choosing the right adult toy is a personal decision that needs to be made based on individual needs and preferences.


By understanding themselves, researching products, and considering factors such as material, size, function, and price, women can choose the adult toys that best suit them, thereby enriching their sex life and improving sexual satisfaction.

Before purchasing, you may wish to communicate with your partner to ensure that both parties are satisfied and comfortable.

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