【Ginddewz Explore】The History, Diverse Views and Industry Exploration of Sexy Culture

【Ginddewz Explore】The History, Diverse Views and Industry Exploration of Sexy Culture

As a newly founded erotic brand, Ginddewz has a brand team dedicated to leading the trend of erotic underwear. Although we ourselves do not have a long brand history, as a brand that wants to be deeply involved in the sex industry, our team feels the responsibility to share with you the rich history of sex culture, the views of different cultures, and the profound connotation of the sex industry.


Explore the history and evolution of erotic culture:

Sex culture has a long history. With the passage of time, it is not only an expression of sex, but also a manifestation of society, art and fashion. From ancient artworks to modern fashion industries, erotic culture has always existed in different forms. Once considered a taboo topic, erotic culture has gradually integrated into the mainstream through art, literature and fashion, bringing people a more open and free sexual concept.


Talking about the origin of ancient erotic culture, taking East Asia as an example, ancient erotic culture can be traced back to China, Japan, Korea and other places. They often depicted an open attitude towards sex in ancient literature, paintings and dramas, such as Chinese classics The depiction of sex in the literary work "The Plum in the Golden Vase" and the sexual themes in Japanese Ukiyo-e. In the same ancient period, the ancient erotic culture in Europe and America was mainly reflected in the art of ancient Greece and Rome. However, due to the constraints of religious and moral concepts, Europe in the Middle Ages had a more conservative attitude towards sex.
Then came the period of the Renaissance and the resurgence of sexual culture, and the comedic turn began - the Renaissance marked the ideological liberation of European and American society, and the depiction of nudity and sex in art gradually increased. The pursuit of reason and freedom in the Enlightenment Age of the 18th century also laid the foundation for sexual liberation. From the late 19th century to the early 20th century, sexology research emerged and began to explore the psychological and physiological aspects of sex. However, in East Asia during the same period, due to political and cultural factors, public attitudes towards discussion and correct understanding of sex became increasingly repressed in public places and at the social level, and women were especially harshly criticized.
After entering the 20th century, Japan, located in East Asia, was more profoundly influenced by Europe and the United States, and was the first to experience the wave of sexual liberation. Especially after World War II, after a series of social changes, sexual liberation became a part of social changes, especially evident in literature, movies and artistic works. Subsequently, from the 1960s to the 1970s, sexual liberation movements broke out in Europe and the United States. The movement advocated free love, premarital sex and women's rights, subverting traditional sexual concepts. The sexual liberation trend that emerged during this period had a profound impact on the subsequent sexual culture industry.
Then into modern times, although East Asia was slightly behind Europe and the United States in the pace of sexual liberation, the degree of liberation became more and more consistent. East Asia's erotic culture became increasingly diverse. Through the Internet and globalization, the sex toy market gradually grew. A number of unique designers and brands have emerged. It is even conservatively estimated that more than 85% of the products in the global sex market are produced in China. Sex culture in Europe and the United States has been further expanded in the contemporary era. The concepts of sexual health and sexual liberation are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The sex industry is no longer regarded as marginalized, but has become a part of mainstream society. The design of sex toys has also paid more attention to it. Personalization and comfort, no longer just about sex appeal.


Overall, there are similarities and unique features between East Asia and Europe and the United States in the historical evolution of erotic culture. Both have experienced changes from conservative to open, from ancient times to modern times, reflecting the evolution of social concepts and values. Today, people are beginning to face up to and correctly understand sexual culture, and erotic culture has become a diverse and inclusive field, providing people with a broader range of sexual concepts and lifestyle choices.


Share different cultures’ views on sexy underwear:

Different cultures have unique views and concepts on sexy lingerie. In some cultures, sexy lingerie may be seen as an evolution of traditional clothing and a symbol of female power and free expression. In other cultures, sexy lingerie may be more associated with mystery, romance and passion.

Ginddewz respects and appreciates different cultures' unique understandings of erotic underwear. We are committed to designing underwear that caters to various aesthetic and cultural backgrounds to meet the individual needs of every woman.


Guide consumers to have a deeper understanding of the sex industry:

We encourage readers to take a deeper look at the sex industry and understand that it is not just a wing of business, but a means of sexual wellness, self-expression, and emotional connection. The sex industry involves design, technology, medicine and other fields. Through continuous innovation, it is committed to improving people's understanding and experience of sex. Ginddewz is not only an erotic underwear brand, but also committed to promoting the development of the erotic industry and allowing people to face sexual topics more freely and comfortably.


By in-depth understanding of the history of sex culture, the perspectives of different cultures, and the connotation of the sex industry, we hope to inspire readers to have an open and positive attitude toward sex, while also better understanding and respecting the diversity among different cultures. Thank you for your continued support of the Ginddewz brand. We will continue to bring you more exciting sexy lingerie and leading exploration of sexual culture.



Thanks for your continued support,


Giddewz Team

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